Basic Vietnamese Phrases

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Addressing people

It is necessary to study the Vietnamese language when travelling to Vietnam. To meet your travelling demands, Viet Fun Travel has offered basic Vietnamese phrases that you use easily for your enjoyment in Vietnam. Our biggest concern with the phrases is that they are pitched to foreign travelers in the dialogues in Vietnam. Basic Vietnamese Phrases are good ways for learning basic phrases through repetition than other materials. It is important to use the correct form of address based on your age, gender and relationship that the Vietnamese use. For example,  you say “Bà” when you are addressing to an older lady with a mark “?”, but you use “Ba” without a mark means “Dad”. You can use “chi” with an older woman or “Em” with a younger woman.

 I, Me



 I am

 Tôi là





 She, her

 Cô ?y


 He, him

 Anh ?y


 They, them



 We, us

 Chúng ta





You have found some basic phrases easy for your interesting journey to talk and ask for shopping, eating, accommodation, etc.

 English Phrases

 Vietnamese Phrases


 English Greetings

 Vietnamese Greetings


 Hi/ Hello

 Xin chào


 My name is…

 Tôi tên là


 How are you?

 B?n có kh?e không?


 I'm fine, thanks

 Tôi v?n kh?e, cám ?n b?n


 And You?

 B?n thì sao?


 Good night.

 Chúc ng? ngon.


 See you later.

 H?n g?p l?i sau nhé.


 Good bye.

 T?m bi?t.


 Thank you.

 Cám ?n.


 Thank you very much.

 Cám ?n r?t nhi?u.


 You're welcome!

 ??ng ng?i (don’t mind asking for my help)


 Asking for directions and travel




 ? ?âu



























 Toa let


 I'm lost

 Tôi b? l?c


 Can I help you?

 Tôi có th? giúp gì cho b?n?


 Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?

 Phòng t?m/nhà thu?c ? ?âu?


 Go straight! then turn left/ right!

 ?i th?ng, sau ?ó r? trái/r? ph?i?


 I'm looking for John.

 Tôi ?ang tìm John.


 One moment please!

 Làm ?n ??i m?t lát.


 How much is it?

 Cái này giá bao nhiêu?


 Excuse me…! (to ask for something)

 Xin l?i cho tôi h?i…?


 Excuse me! (to pass by)

 Xin l?i, làm ?n nhé.


 Come with me.

 ?i v?i tôi.


 How do I get to… the bus stop?

 Tôi ?i ??n… tr?m xe buýt nh? th? nào?


 Can you show me on the map where I am?

 B?n có th? cho tôi bi?t là tôi ?ang ? ?âu trên b?n ?? không?


 Where’s the… tour office?

 V?n phòng du l?ch ? ?âu?




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